“The integration of BtoBet’s sportsbook on Pariplay’s platform grants access to a world-class solution without heavy investments”

In an exclusive interview with Yogonet, BtoBet’s Chief Operating Officer, Dima Reiderman, shares updates and feedback on the iGaming and sportsbook solutions provider’s recent milestones, including the GLI-33 certification for its sports betting platform; the ISO 27001 for its Information Security Management System; as well as the recently acquired betting license for the Danish market.

“Not only will these certificates allow us to strengthen the relationship we have with our existing partners but will furthermore enforce BtoBet as a trusted partner for all operators keen on partnering with us“, the executive tells Yogonet.

Additionally, Reiderman says that the company aims to deliver further product enhancements this yearadding new features, integrating third-party solutions, and working on improvements on the front-end side.

How does being under the Aspire Global umbrella drive and enhance synergies within the group for BtoBet?

During the past months, we have already seen tangible results of the enhanced synergies within the Aspire Global group. Strategic moves such as the integration of Pariplay’s content on BtoBet’s platform, and the subsequent native integration of BtoBet’s sportsbook platform on Pariplay’s Fusion strengthen the offerings on a group level whilst opening considerable new opportunities.

acclaim, The numerous deals announced during the past months are a clear demonstration of how the group has leveraged the synergies present between all companies. The Boyle Sports deal is a testimony of this, with the deal consisting of the full solution in terms of operations and managed services, the PAM platform, and BtoBet’s sportsbook platform to complete it.

BtoBet at the recent ICE London tradeshow.

The company recently received the GLI-33 certification for its sportsbook platform, and in February was awarded the ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management System. What’s the impact, and new doors that these milestones are opening up? What are the expansion projects for 2022 following these certifications?

Gaining the GLI-33 and ISO 27001 certifications are key milestones for BtoBet, a natural course of compliance events, and a logical and natural way to reaffirm our strong position on being completely compliant against the global iGaming standards as we extend our footprint in regulated markets requiring stringent compliance to the safe management of data.

Not only will these certificates allow us to strengthen the relationship we have with our existing partners but will furthermore enforce BtoBet as a trusted partner for all operators keen on partnering with us and using our cutting-edge proprietary sportsbook technology. The certifications will also open up opportunities in the new regions we are targeting.

The GLI-33 certification in particular makes it possible for BtoBet to deploy its cutting-edge sportsbook solution to the North American market.

In March, the company announced the integration of its Neuron 3 sportsbook platform unto Pariplay’s Fusion aggregated platform. Which new doors and expanded capabilities is this bringing to your business and reach?

The native integration of BtoBet’s sportsbook platform on Pariplay’s Fusion content aggregation platform is for the first time allowing operators to really gain access to a world-class sportsbook solution without requiring heavy investments in terms of integration costs and project development. Through this single API integration, together with Pariplay, BtoBet is able to deliver operators with the best possible experience for their players, whilst eliminating costly and time-consuming processes and ensuring effortless scaling.

All this whilst allowing faster access to the sportsbook vertical, with a solution that is much easier to maintain in comparison to the integration of a dedicated third-party sportsbook platform.

In January, BtoBet received its betting license from the Danish gambling authority allowing the company to offer sports betting in Denmark. Additionally, the company was certified by the Dutch gaming authority to provide its sportsbook platform in the Netherlands. How does this reflect your growth strategy?

The Netherlands is an essentially new market in Europe and receiving the certification by the Dutch gaming authority and entering the market through Aspire’s deal with Boy Sports reflects ours to expand more into Europe intention throughout this year. This has definitely been a key project for the company this year.

At the same time, BtoBet has received its betting license from the Danish gambling authority and is now live in the market powering the Karamba brand, whilst also pushing its footprint into Germany through the ITSP deal, which is one of the largest markets in Europe.

BtoBet’s entry in these markets demonstrates that its sportsbook solution is perfectly apt to scale and meets the requirements of different operators in diverse market scenarios, with our market coverage and player offering making us one of the leading sportsbook solutions on the market.

In what ways do you plan to better meet the demands of existing and potential customers, and what type of partnerships does the company intend to seek to achieve this? What does 2022 keep in hold for BtoBet?

We believe that operators are experts in their respective markets. They are well aware of the player and the market needs and trends. Thus, keeping this in mind our product roadmap is heavily influenced by our partners. We present to them what we believe is the right solution to the marketwhilst also taking their feedback on which features they would like to see added, which market enhancements they would like to see adopted, and which data feeds, amongst other things, they want to have integrated. So we are truly focused on building our sportsbook product together with our partners, as a true partnership entails.

Throughout this year we are focused on delivering a lot of enhancements on the product side. We are adding a lot of features, integrating some of the best third-party solutions in the industry, and also working on important improvements on the front-end side, which would further allow us to consolidate our role as one of the industry’s leading sportsbooks solutions provider.

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