“Peru and the LATAM region play an extremely important role for BMM”

Among attendees of the Peru Gaming Show (PGS) trade expo on 15-16 June was independent gaming testing laboratory BMM Testlabswhich participated through its own stand, by attending sessions, and networking with clients and partners.

To discuss this attendance in detail, Yogonet talked with Daniel Magariños, Sales Manager for South America at BMM. “We are very satisfied with our participation at the PGS,” Magariños says. In this exclusive interview, he discusses the main takeaways from the expo, the role the LatAm region plays within BMM’s operations, and what to expect from the changing regulatory landscape in the region.

BMM Testlabs has recently participated in the Peru Gaming Show trade event. How would you describe BMM’s presence at the expo and what are the main takeaways?

It has been very important for us to participate in the Peru Gaming Show, with our commercial and technical teams attending the event. We were visited by many clients, attended various sessions, and shared very good conversations. We also had the opportunity to visit several stands, see very attractive products, and talk with the brand representatives about their current and future projects. Overall, we are very satisfied with our participation at the PGS.

What did the company focus on for the event? Which were the main inquiries from attendees to the event?

The PGS is a very important event in the region and has a very strong international projection, bringing together companies from all over the world. Our main objective has been to deepen the relationship with current customers and to be able to talk and visit stands of potential new customers. Given the high participation of companies in the event, both in stands and as visitors, we managed to visit a high percentage of contacts.

Our consultations focused on current regulations, evaluation and certification proceduresand of course our opinions and comments on the regulations that are about to be launched.

What role does Peru and the LATAM region at large play within BMM Testlabs’ operations at the moment? In what ways can BMM assist operators in the region?

Peru and the LATAM region play an extremely important role for our company. We have customers from almost every country in the region, and the development of their products must meet local, regional, and international demands. Thus, our presence worldwide is a key point to meet the needs of our customers, which allows them to open business possibilities in other regions.

This aspect, together with The experience of our teams, customer service, and commitment, ensures that our clients achieve their operating objectives in a very short time. We have many years of first-class activity experience, and our laboratory recently celebrated 40 years in the market.

PGS is one of the region’s most renowned trade expos. What can you tell us in terms of networking opportunities resulting from this event? What impact could it potentially have for BMM Testlabs in this region?

PGS is a fair of excellence in the Pacific. Proof of this is the presence of the big brands this year, the large number of new companies with a stand, and the opportunity to talk to everyone. The extremely fruitful networking activity will impact the demands for services in the coming months and will be a clear indication of growth in the LATAM region.

The event gave space to regulation and compliance in the gaming industry through a panel featuring former regulators of Peru, Uruguay, and Paraguay. What’s your assessment of the current regulatory landscape in the region?

Regulatory processes are advancing throughout Latin America. The involvement of former regulators and their comments are invaluable. The interaction that can be achieved by countries that are in the process of regulation is also important. Undoubtedly, The support between the leaders of each country is equally fundamental from operators, suppliers, manufacturers and of course the laboratories.

The development of the gaming industry is evident in the number of countries that are in the process of implementing or updating regulatory processes, including online and land-based. For our laboratory, we are constantly learning and we actively participate in giving support and providing our experience from various international regions.

Peru is currently reviewing gambling laws with a view to regulating online sports betting and iGaming. What new challenges could this provide to operators in the region, in terms of new payment methods, cybersecurity threats, and other issues? And how could BMM’s expertise help them navigate the potential new market?

There are many challenges for operatorsincluding the adaptations of the technological aspects, the needs of each operation, and the regulatory requirements that will require permanent efforts in the development and maintenance of the products. Security threats are present today and will continue to evolve. BMM has created a division that is specifically dedicated to cybersecurity issues, called BIG Cyber.

Therefore, Properly following the regulatory compliance processes, as well as the quality and implementation processes in security aspects, will be essential. BMM has decades of experience working on these processes. Our customers know that we are leaders in the certification processes and provide safety and reliability in our work.

As the land-based sector bounces back from the pandemic, with casinos now once again operational and seeking to renew their offerings, what are the main inquiries in Latin America at the time?

Without a doubt, the re-opening of casino and slot rooms is excellent news for the market. It is also true that many casino operators are somehow rethinking their business. The recovery is slow and new incentives are needed for players to return.

We have seen that some casinos, depending on regulatory restrictions, have incorporated betting rooms, and I think these marks a new need to capture different player profiles. We are also noticing evolvements in the new developments that some supplier companies are offering to the market. All of this is good for both marketplaces, face-to-face and online.

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