Nevada Resort Association creates PAC to support pro-industry legislative candidates; raises $2M

Nevada Resort Association, the state’s main trading association of major casinos, Nonpartisan Political Action Committee (PAC) launches to support “business-oriented” legislative candidates from both major parties supporting the state’s gaming industryAccording to a press release issued by the group on Monday.

Assembly representing about 80 casino resorts across the state, Says Will support candidates who “understand the value of the gaming and resort industry” and recognition of the sector’s “enormous economic contributions” to the state.

Even today, Nevada PAC Resort Raised Over $2 Million From Association MembersAccording to the statement. Funds will go to “recruit, evaluate, endorse and elect” state legislative candidates in 2022.

The resort and game industry in Nevada is the lifeblood of our state’s economy, supports more than 433,000 job opportunitiesAnd thousands of small and joint stock companies More than a third of the state’s public funds As the state’s largest taxpayer,” Virginia Valentine, president of the Nevada Resort Association, said:.

According to Valentine, Nevada’s prosperity is “inextricably linked” to the success of the gambling industry, which you see has been proven by the “devastating impact” of the global pandemic.

“It is important that Nevada elect representatives who appreciate the unique role our industry plays in the economic security of every community in this state to sustain our progress in recovery,” the association president added.

The Nevada Resort PAC will participate in the state’s electoral and political process, and is set to provide a “strong, united voice” on policies that affect the game and resort industry and their employees. PAC will evaluate candidates based on their current platform, past voting history and alignment with industry priorities.

According to the association, Based on this information and an “extensive candidate questionnaire,” the PAC will then “issue approvals and contributions.” The PAC will also focus on recruiting “competitive candidates” and the support needed to win the primaries and general elections.

We are looking for rational individuals on both sides of the aisle who will advocate for causes that grow our economy, encouraging economic investment and job creation, contributing to the well-being of our employees, ensuring that taxes are fair and transparent, and protecting the distinctive character of our country as a global leader in travel and tourism,” explained Valentine.

“With $2 million in initial funding, our PAC is well positioned to make early investments in key races to elect common-sense and responsible candidates who focus on economic issues and who will serve the state of Nevada well,” she added.

While individual candidates are prohibited from raising more than $10,000 from a single source in a campaign cycle, State level PACs are allowed to collect and spend unlimited money.

In Nevada, the gaming industry is typically one of the largest political contributors to state legislators, reports Nevada Independent, providing nearly $770,000 in donations to lawmakers in the 2020 election cycle and $1.6 million in the 2018 cycle.

So far, the association has typically avoided making direct donations to individual legislative candidates: In 2012 and 2014, she contributed $50,000 to each legislative group. In 2014, it contributed nearly $1 million to a PAC that opposed a 2014 ballot question that sought to apply a 2% margin tax on business revenue over $1 million.

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