Monday’s Mini – Can We Feel Related to NPCs? 2/2

In our exclusive Slack community for Premium Primers, we offer the weekly Monday mini challenge.
The best way to learn is to put your knowledge into practice. We’ve created our Monday mini-challenges to give our prep work a chance to do just that.

Mini Monday. one topic. Three questions. Many high quality answers from our Primers.

Often when we think of Core Drive 5, we think of social impact, attachment, social pressure, and envy. We think about what we do based on what others do, think, or say about cooperation and competition. with humans.

But what about the non-playable characters? What about animals? What about people who are only in books, stories, and movies?
This week we’ll explore a bigger scope than Core Drive 5: Social Impact and Connectivity.

Question 3 – One low-hanging fruit of design improvement is to make it easier to show users appreciation for each other. However, we can only motivate people, gently push them in the right direction, and we cannot control them. Do you think we can use the things we can control (eg NPCs, island companion, chatbot…) to achieve the same effect (in part). Motivate your answer.

Thorsten Niemeyer He shares his own experience with The Witcher 3 and how the NPCs motivated him through CD5.

“Appreciation from an NPC, your buddy can definitely motivate you, and I think the more individual the better.
So as in video games where you grow loving people, favoring them over others, and doing things for them instead of others (Witcher 3 comes to mind with all the different relationships, I had a kind of social sentiment for the characters, especially in terms of how my interactions affected the relationship )
The other thing I’ve thought of is a bot that shows you around a game, a platform, etc. and shows you how to do things, drive actions, and how to communicate with others. And there with the right kind of dialogue he can definitely call up some CD5.
“Hey adventurer, let me show you around. Here you can chat with me, oh cute. If I post something others can like. Here you see that you already got likes from me.”, despite knowing that the first like is from a bot At least I feel like I’m doing my part to motivate the user.”

Lucien Katzbach It goes into detail about what would be necessary to get an NPC display drive through Core Drive 5.

“Yes, I think it is possible. But it is difficult to achieve because it has to be alive. NPC needs weaknesses or moods etc. but additionally they need enough CD7 but still need to be in context. All This makes it difficult. One example of this is the Replika app.”

Colin Han It is the brainstorming of automated training tools.

“I’d say yes. The scenario I’m thinking of is training robots. I’ve personally found that messages from those bots can tap into that social experience. From a motivation perspective, I felt this technique worked best when:
– the bot has a ‘personality’ – which creates some CD3 and CD7 which makes me interested in what the bot is going to say, rather than just expecting an explanation by heart
– the bot assigns messages to me – maybe a mix of CD4 Alfred Effect, CD3, and CD 7 when the bot asks, for example, why I care about a target and then uses that language for future reminders
– The bot connects me with other users; I’ve seen some bots use CD5 for social fixation to say “85% of your peers did ABC, you should too!”

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