Monday’s Mini – Can We Feel Related to NPCs? 1/2

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Often when we think of Core Drive 5, we think of social impact, attachment, social pressure, and envy. We think about what we do based on what others do, think, or say about cooperation and competition. with humans.

But what about the non-playable characters? What about animals? What about people who are only in books, stories, and movies?
This week we’ll explore a bigger scope than Core Drive 5: Social Impact and Connectivity.

Question 2 – “Do you think NPCs can motivate us through Core Drive 5: Social Impact and Connection? Explain why you think this can or cannot be while getting to the core of what you feel CD5 represents.”

Manas Malik (Product Manager) goes to the core of CD5: social impact and engagement.

“I think the NPCs can motivate us through CD5. It doesn’t matter being a robot as long as it is well designed. Humans want to be valued, to feel wanted, to feel encouraged and that NPC can do. Logical thinking we might say That we are not excited but we actually are. This is true for any advertisements, as NPC needs to design intelligently for the right context and then can stimulate through CD5”

Ren Chang-soo (Experience Designer) Uses Animal Crossing to analyze the use of NPCs there, focusing on the potential for artificial intelligence in NPCs in games.

In Animal Crossing, Tom Nook can be considered as a mentor NPC. You can go to Tom and ask “What should I do?” and Tom will share the next steps. Getting answers to the question “What should I do” seems to be NPC motivating us through CD5 ( mentorship)
Having said that, upon further investigation, you will realize that Tom Nook only shares the following “Required Boolean Actions” in a conversation format. Thus he may act like a mentor (rather than a mentor), when the player is looking for a new “desirable action” to move forward with.
Thus, you have the option to ask an open question/advice to the NPC such as “What should I do?” A good starting point is to include CD5. It is also essential that the NPC’s response to this question (by the game designer) be phrased in such a way that the player feels that they are receiving guidance/advice from the NPC in further enhancing the presence of CD5
What would be cool would be to have an NPC powered by AI.

Predrag Stefanovic It goes into more detail explaining how NPCs can use Core Drive 5.

“Yes, I think NPC can stimulate us through CD5.
An NPC can tell us how to stand on the leaderboard and what tasks we need to perform in order to progress further. For example, he might say, “Cool, you’re fine now. If you complete the quest to the end, you’ll beat John B. on the leaderboard. Also, after we’ve solved a task, the NPC can reveal to us which method John B used. To kill the dragon and win the great sword. Also, the NPC can invite me to help my friend John B. in the battle. From the above examples, we can see that the NPC can be our ally in correspondence with real players in many ways, using the 5 core engine.”

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