Kansas City pro esports franchise to expand wagering tech with PLLAY Labs

AI-driven video game wagering platform PLLAY Labs has partnered with esports franchise Kansas City Pioneers, the fintech announced last week. The two companies are set to bridge esports and technology “to enhance monetization and engagement experiences” across different avenues.

The multifaceted partnership, which according to a press release is based on “creating, delivering and elevating cutting-edge technology, experiences and content” for both esports fans and casual amateur gamers, will see PLLAY and the Kansas City, Missouri-based professional esports team collaborate “in numerous ways.”

“As an entertainment and media company, we strive to build and create unique moments for our community,” said Mark Josey, CEO of the Kansas City Pioneers. “Our partnership with PLLAY is the first of its kind and will be a trendsetter for other esport organizations.”

Founded in 2019, the Kansas City Pioneers describes itself as a “lifestyle brand and gaming organization.” The Missouri team competes in a number of top-tier esports, including Valorant, Halo, Gears of War, Rocket League and Madden NFL.

By teaming up with PLLAY, Both parties will collaborate on magnified fan experiences to elevate engagement, acquisition and retention, ranging from online/live events to amplified content creation.

more, PLLAY will also use its technology platform to allow all professional and casual amateur gamers “to monetize their personal gameplay,” according to a press statement.

“We know our community loves competition between our professional teams but also competitions between themselves,” added Jose. “PLLAY is a perfect fit for our Pioneers community, so look forward to our upcoming activations stemming across new gaming spaces.”

But the new partnership also includes an agreement that will allow both partners to leverage the utility of PLLAY wagering and token economy. This is set to drive NFT activations “for gaming fans worldwide.”

“At PLLAY, we’ve long believed that giving professional and casual gamers the ability to control and monetize their own gameplay is the entertainment and competition of the future,” said Shawn Gunn, co-founder and CEO at PLLAY.

The Philadelphia-based company’s platform allows competitors aged 18 or older to bet on their gaming action. It utilizes AI to monitor in-match achievements, offers real-time data analysis, certifies winners and dispenses prize money “within seconds of final results.”

“We share a culture of innovation and a strong sense of inclusive community,” Gunn added about the collaboration. “The KC Pioneers are challenging not only what it means to be an esports athlete but changing the way organizations are connecting with their fans.”

Founded by a team of gaming, sports-betting, fintech veterans, PLLAY currently gives “over 2 billion gamers” the chance to put their passion to the test, according to a press release. It was founded in 2018 by Gunn and Christine Krzyzanowski, and supports a number of games -including fan-favorites Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Madden 21, FIFA 21, NBA 2K21 and Fortnite- on both Xbox and Playstation consoles.

“Our partnership with PLLAY gives us an opportunity to be in a highly addressable market for us,” Mark Josey added, according to the Kansas City Business Journal. “We know we have fans in esports who are already engaging in one-on-one wagering. But this makes it simple, easy and protects the integrity of the match.”

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