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Make a great digital daily game?

I have high hopes that if we make a digital version of the Yomi-inspired game, we are now equipped to create much better production values ​​than we did in the old digital Yomi version. We are also able to achieve higher production values ​​than in Fantasy Strike. As for the gameplay, I like it more than Yomi. Also, both online play and even the single player experience can be better than in previous digital card games.

But software development is very expensive and I have reached my limit. We need a minimum of $20,000 per month to maintain this development, and more than $30,000 per month. This is possible and is now being implemented by other designers. So please, if you want to see this happen, let’s make it happen. Like I said, I will continue to roll out the content of the table to my sponsors no matter what. And even better if you join and we can move on.

More about these games

Both new board games I’m working on share a lot in common with each other, philosophically. They don’t play anything alike, but either way, they take the core of the games they were inspired by, and then take a different fork in the road. Both of these new games represent the same shift in my tabletop design towards asynchronous play. That is, they allow you to bypass your turn without having to go back and forth with the opponent(s) multiple times, yet still retain their strategic depth. This is very useful for creating board playability, asynchronous play in digital copy, pass and play in digital copy, and even if only played as an actual table game…it’s just a lot faster to get past the game without having to break your turn movement.

Both of these new games have cleaner rules than my previous games. Fewer cases of harsh edges to be mentioned in a simple and more intuitive way than before. I’ve always tried to give the best I can on this matter, but Pandante 2nd Edition has been key for me. I’m usually overwhelmed by situations where the rule seems fine, but then the play test shows that there has to be some little change to stand up to tough play. Then he needs a second repair and third aid. No matter how hard we try to revise it so we don’t need those fixes, it really does, and nothing can be done. In Pandante 2nd Edition, I finally took the bolder step of giving up trying to remove these bandages (can’t…) or mentioning them more cleanly (it just helps a little). Instead, by changing some of the game’s core business, the problematic base world is completely avoided in the first place. No need for first aid because the rule itself is long gone. (BTW, you can get the second edition of Pandante here. It’s awesome!)

That’s also what I did with these new games. The most annoying grammar areas haven’t been “fixed” because these aren’t new versions of those games. Instead, these are different games that simply chose different water bases for you to play in – the ones that just happened to “work”. You don’t have to wonder whether crashing zero gems gives you money or not in Puzzle Strike. You don’t have to wonder how to play “No Card” at all in my day, what that means, or how to deal with its timing. These things are all gone

Both of these games are also tastier than the previous ones. Puzzle Strike-ish achieves this by appearing on the ground while showing the gems that the game focuses on manipulating. It all has a lot of “being at the table”. Yomi-ish takes simple things that once distinguished the characters and really amplifies them. Ballistics characters really feel like they’re dividing you into zones compared to before. Special moves generally have whatever special properties you need, rather than my old insistence on codifying them a certain way. And if a character needs some extra cards, or even an extra deck to work with, so be it! Everything wonderful and delicious is how it should be.


Please help me be able to afford the production values ​​these games deserve, and also enjoy seeing how they progress. Tell some friends to join so we can create a great digital version of Yomi. Also feel free to get involved in our Discord chat and you can ask others how they feel about the whole process.

Thanks for your attention.

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