Gamingtec: “Flexibility is something that sets us apart”

Founded in London in 2013, Gamingtec (GT) is an independent software platform developer and supplier of turnkey solutions to B2B partners in the iGaming industry. More than 3,000 games produced by different developers are integrated into the Gamingtec software platform, and the company currently has more than 100 employees. As the company seeks to increase the brand awareness, it is currently showingcasing its full-suite product portfolio at ICE London’s stand N8-210and just a few days ago, Yogonet had the chance to speak with their Commercial Director, Andrei Beuat their SAGSE Latam 2022 booth in Buenos Aires City.

It was the second time for the company at SAGSE, after the 2019 edition before the pandemic. Now Gamingtec seeks to set foot in Latin America, with a new team coming up, fully dedicated to B2B. “We are flexible and ready to abide by LatAm regulations in multiple markets, it’s not just Buenos Aires, not just Argentina. We are also targeting the rest of the continent,” Beu told Yogonet during SAGSE’s second and last day in late March. “The first day was quite full. We had some good interactions with the people here. We are happy, and we look forward to a lot more, maybe more events in here, maybe just more promotion as a company, increasing the brand awareness, because I think this is what everyone here is doing. Put names to the faces.”

Gamingtec team was focused on advertising its full platformwhich combined with all the modules together, provides a full experience to the operators“who are, at the end, the most important factor for us. Partnering up with those that want to have great success and want to be a bit different from what the market can present right now.”

The company has a list of proprietary products, which includes a PAM, the GT corewhich allows to plug in various sportsbook APIs, various casino APIs, and payment service providers (PSPs). But GT’s flagship product is the GT Orbit, a full turnkey product that involves bespoke development for the front end. So it’s a fully customizable solution from back to front, giving the experience that every operator would try to achieve, giving control in the same time because they will have a back office that they can operate. And we are hands-on with the project, but the operator himself decides what to do, what’s the best strategy, what is the risk management that they want to take. And of course, we have a couple of many services to assist in that regard. Maybe marketing, financial support, product ownership on casino or sports.

In terms of market reach approach and expansion plans, Beu said GT is trying to cover as much as possible worldwide. “We don’t have right now necessarily a main focus since we are addressing pretty much the full spectrum of iGaming, maybe except for a couple of markets like the US. It’s not that we don’t want to go there, but we believe that our mark can be more prevalent in other markets such as LatAm.”

“We want to be productive and efficient, not just go worldwide, as probably some of our competitors do. So, Latam, Europe, Asia, Africa, they are all upon reachexplained the executive.

When asked about investment priorities, The start of the year was mainly dedicated to growing the team. The Commercial Director said the company is adding a lot of experience from a B2C background, with a new team in B2B composed of a marketing manager, an SEO specialist, a new Sales executive who has just joined. “All of them have massive experience in online gaming. And the marketing manager, for example, is Spanish. So he can help us a lot in developing Latin America. We are looking forward to it.”

Also, GT will invest throughout the year in multiple events. SAGSE was the first one, now followed by ongoing ICE London“and then we are trying to pretty much scatter our presence throughout Not only Europe, but also mainly outside of it because it’s a saturated market, nevertheless, a big one. But we want to be present in more and more places where people don’t know that we even exist maybe.”

Gamingtec stand at ICE London 2022.

The third investment priority targets increasing brand awareness through all possible channels. “So marketing will have a dedicated budget, SEO will have a dedicated budget. Obviously, commercially speaking, as a team, we will try to find the most suitable channels to outbound, and of course, increase our traction with the operators.”

And the fourth area is development. “We have a roadmap which is growing and growing. We try to also keep a space for the operators that are coming in and want to have a certain flexibility that we are able to provide. And going further with their ideas means that development will also be based on what they are trying to achieve,” he explained.

Beu also outlined the differential factors and assets in GT. “As USPs, unique selling points, I think flexibility is something that sets us apart,” he noted. And this is mainly because when someone comes to Gamingtec, it’s not like we have a set-in-stone offering, like most of the platform providers out there do. In the same time, we want to keep a clear space where the operator can find himself in the position of not commanding what we can do, but asking more and more from us so that we can develop the product around the operator’s choices.”

“Secondly, we are the new kid around the block as people see us. They don’t know too much about us. So we can pretty much bring whatever we want. We can differentiate ourselves by innovating a bit in this space. Of course, everyone says that. You will find all the stands here, and all the sites of the platform providers or the game suppliers, they all brag about innovation and bringing in new stuff and so on. It’s very difficult. The market is saturated. We are not reinventing the wheel. We are trying to make it easier and easier for the operator to choose what they actually need.”

Therefore, a key selling point for GT is the customizable frontend “We can build it from scratch for any interested partner. We have an amazing and quite a huge development team that is full-stack. So they take it from back to front in an instant. The time to market is quite reduced, even though it could be quite a massive project, and in no more than 10 weeks we can get live any kind of operator, in any market.”

“In big lines, this is what I can say, we are able to deliver in any market, with small exceptions, of course. We are here to partner up with pretty much anyone. Obviously, not only at SAGSE but at all of the events, people come by game providers, payment providers, affiliate platforms… We are open to negotiating termshe finished.

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