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Thanks to all our customers for supporting the fighting game Fantasy Strike. While we’re not ready to show the game publicly yet, we’re giving our customers $25+ new designs every month, the latest being here. We count on your support, and we’ll need more of it to finish the game. if it was really An accessible and easy-to-play fighting game that still appeals to you with tournament quality, please support us.

If you need more convincing, no problem. In a few months, we’ll finally be showing the game public and giving you more ways to help us fund the game through to its conclusion. For those of you who are interested now, here’s what’s in our latest design.

change list:

The most important thing is a new playable character: Midori. This leads us to Eight playable characters right Now. Also worth noting are lots of new Valerie animations, a new character model for Grave with 3x more polygons as before, and a preview of a new character selection screen that will be used in modes other than Local vs. Training.


– New character!
Super Midori takes a long time to build. Using it allows him to transform into a dragon. You can build super speed using Barrett (Earth C).
Ordinary attacks on human form. b + A is a sweep, A is a slash that can be canceled in specials, and f + A is a 2 hit attack.
–B is a torpedo attack, and can also be done in the air.
–C is Barry. If you get hit by an attack while you’re avoiding, you take no damage from it and you respond automatically. In addition to dealing damage (if you strike back), you also get a super meter, and you’ll get an enabled state where it glows purple. In this mode, you will automatically throw the opponent if you are in a neutral state and they can be thrown. You lose this state if you use it (to throw it) or if you get hit. This situation does not persist across rounds.
–Air A kick.
–Air C is something that flies butt. Crossups!
– Both the earth and the air turn you into a dragon.


– Gosh!
– Dragon character model is unfinished version and low polygon. Also, dragons have many vulnerabilities that we know of, especially those related to throwing. Since he’s generally playable, we wanted to get it across to you before we fixed his various animation issues.
–b + A is a sweep with a ridiculous extent.
It is an attack that hits the front and above. You can press A, A to get a second attack that flies through the air. After that, you can still do another air attack before you land.
–f + A is a very long range attack that you can cancel to acid spit as a second attack by pressing A again.
–B is like a better version of torpedo attack for the human version. On hit, it bounces back and you can do another aerial action before you land from the bounce.
– C is a running catch with two hits of a super shield.
– He hits Air twice and he’s crazy.
–Air B is an air version of Earth B; Torpedo attack.
–Air C is a diving bomb that catches opponents. Can face my day.
– Regular throws deal 2 damage in the form of a dragon.
– Your super counter becomes a countdown timer in dragon from. Automatically reverts back to human Midori when the counter runs out.
– New debug option in training mode to stay in dragon shape forever once you enter it.


– New character model. Grave now has 3x more polygons than it did before. Also, his hands have been reconstructed to be in better shape and allow for more expression.
– Griff’s fashion colors now use our new system (already used by Setsuki, Geiger, Degre, and Midori). This makes it look a little better and also reduces the file size a lot. Also, while porting him to our new costume color scheme, we changed the aesthetics of many of his costume colors. Check out the new options!
– Updated visual effects of his projectile. The effects of his large projectile (B hold) and electrified projectiles (B during wind) were also performed. (There will be new effects during the starburst and the effect of these fireballs later.)
– Changed behavior of a large fireball during the wind. It has been running for months and has been very good. Lately, it hasn’t turned on at all, which is wrong. Now it is supplied with energy during the wind, but it travels only a short distance before dissipating.
– Updated visual effects of Air B lightning strike during winds.
– Griff no longer spends a wind meter unless winds actually happen.
– Doing the wind (forward) when you are near the ground no longer makes Grave Land before actually summoning the wind.


– SuperGround now deals 2 damage instead of 1 damage.
– Updated character Select idle mode for screen and “I’m selected” for animation


– Updated character Select idle mode for screen and “I’m selected” for animation
– Fixed a bug where Rook’s air C statue was not showing the correct color palette to match the color of Rook’s outfit.
– Thunderclap now has 4 less active frames and 4 more recovery frames.


– New animations for just about everything: idle, f + A, A, b + A, C, jump B, and jump C. Also super ground and super air. Also, throw forward and throw back. (It still has an animation element for walk forward and backward, jump, knockout and stand up, and a daily counter).
– Old placeholder paint effects have been replaced with new placeholder paint effects that are more like paint.
– Hitboxes for C and air C are normal size and not crazy anymore.

Setsuki / Geiger / Degre

– Very slight color changes to the costumes to fix some colors that were appearing too bright (eg extra light radiating).
– Changed Setsuki’s default panties outfit from red to dark brown.


– Fixed a bug that caused a flashing life to persist after being hit by an attack.
– Fixed a bug where ending the game during a cinematic camera angle would use the same camera angle for normal play the next time you come back to play.
– The game window can no longer be resized. It’s always 16:9 in fixed resolution now. Later we will enable resizing to other 16:9 sizes.
– New UI feature for menu help text implemented. In the Run submenu, the new help text for Back can now be moused over to go back.
– You can now toggle between using the user interface in “mouse and keyboard mode” and “console mode” in the options. As a debugging feature, pressing the C key also toggles this.
Character selection screens with only one character selected will have a new layout. You can see a preview of this at Play -> Casual Play. In later versions, this screen will be more visible and will replace the character selection screen in Arcade mode.
– Several other small bugs have been fixed.

Play this build now at $25+ support on our Patreon.

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