Esports betting sees 170% growth in 2021, with 20% increase in LatAm

To better reflect the growing popularity of esports betting over the past few years, Uplatform, a global sports betting company, online casino operating platform and solutions provider, has shared its latest… Insights on esports betting trends, based on Sports Statistics on your gaming preferences and behavior data coverage 60 sports.

In 2021, the global esports audience was expected to reach about 474 million people, This figure is expected to It rises to 577.2 million people By 2024, According to the company. Betting on these games has taken off “in a spectacular way”, with major sports betting operators adding esports to their platforms along with more traditional sports like football, basketball and baseball.

The total bet amount in esports matches is It is expected to grow to $16 billion In the next few years. As mentioned in the Uplatform report, this is part of the overall growth trend in online betting that is being driven by factors such as People who are looking for more online entertainment and improved technology that makes bets more convenient.

Furthermore, the company asserts that there are a number of “strong” reasons to suggest This industry will continue to develop and continue to gain momentum. expected to be One of the fastest growing sectors, with a great affinity for the younger generation of esports who are easily switching to betting.

In terms of investments, the numbers are in line with those positive expectations. in 2020, $1.1 billion had already been invested in esports by mid-year. This high level of investment It could raise global esports revenue to over $2.5 billion in 2022.
For reference, when Uplatform mentioned in 2020, The growth in betting on esports is around 130%.

“2021 was a real shock,” the Uplatform esports team stated. Even with most tournaments and tournaments cancelled, Esports sector showed growth of more than 170%. We expect higher numbers in 2022. There is no doubt that esports is attracting more and more interest among bettors.”

The most popular esports to bet remained the same: CS: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends. The Uplatform team added: “Over the past year, we have been able to significantly increase the number of active players in League of Legends, which was previously less than 10% of the total.”

Uplatform also notes that players have been positively welcomed age of empiresAnd that interest has grown significantly with the latest release. StarCraft II and Quake It is also among the best betting games, although the number of Quake tournaments was limited.

One of the most popular esports, WarCraft IIIAnd It had the biggest drop in popularityWhile Uplatform experts feel that this is due to the developer of the game and their involvement in its promotion. Something that cannot be said about him valuationwhich confidently Removing Rainbow Six from second place among shooters. An important bonus is the support of the game developer, which translates into many high-ranking tournaments.

Furthermore, Uplatform . analyzed Esports bettor profile. In this sense, the company notes that this segment has More diverse customer base than other types of gambling. While the esports bettor is often assumed to be a young player, it has also attracted a diverse group of individuals.

Platform statistics show that 75% of esports bets are made by bettors between the ages of 23-25, And Only 4% of them are betting. But taking into account recent trends, Uplatform experts predict that In a few years, betting on esports will be around 15%.

When it comes to Geography, the most active bets on esports are the CIS countries and Asian regions. Compared to recent years, Esports is growing in popularity in Latin America – and grew by 20% in 2021.

the Many sporting events canceled Since 2020 is one of the factors that drive a new audience to watch these games and place bets on them, According to the company. “With so few matches taking place in stadiums around the world, the opportunity to bet on esports tournaments has provided a welcome opportunity to enjoy some betting action during tough times. Many people who have tried it have discovered that it is similar to betting on traditional sports events.”

moreover, Streaming platforms such as Twitch and HitBox have also brought the world of professional gaming to a much wider audience. “It is now easier to catch the best players in a fun way that fits any lifestyle. It has also helped us create a sense of the top teams, provide more ideas for predicting who will win in any of the upcoming games and boost the fame of professional games,” the platform provider explains.

Given all these factors, esports has become a must for betting companies to add to their platforms, as it gives them the advantage of attracting a new type of customer, while also expanding the choice available to their existing users, according to Uplatform’s Analytics.

The company concluded: “You can expect to hear more about esports betting in the next few years, as this sector continues its phenomenal levels of growth worldwide. Partnering with a provider like Uplatform, who has been on top of everything in esports, from stats to The latest news, it may just be a wise business move. Not only will you have a broader coverage of esports with a constantly updated catalog. Usports feature-rich sportsbook, multi-device solution, provides excellent flexibility in any with rich event coverage and strategic localization capabilities. Supported by a team With superior industry knowledge, personal approach and specialist consulting, you will gain a significant competitive advantage over your competitors.”

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