Entain to enter metaverse with new global innovation hub Ennovate, $134M investment

maintain is one of the first major gambling operators to announce the development and display of disruptive technologies and the first consumer products for the sports and entertainment metaverse. On Monday, Entain said that it will be launched Global Innovation Center, Ennovate, with the The first laboratory will open in London this spring. Ennovate will invest even £100 million (US$134.4 million) in innovation projects, start-up investments and collaboration With British, European and global partners, with £40 million dedicated to innovative investment in the UK. The first technology companies Working with Ennovate includes VerizonAnd BT, And Theta LaboratoriesAll of them are looking to develop pioneering customer experiences in gaming and interactive entertainment.

“We want to lead the way with new and exciting products and experiences for customers and Use our cutting edge technology to lead innovations in sports, games and interactive entertainment for the metaverse,” He said Jet Nygaard Andersen, CEO of Entain.

“We also want to use our position as a global technology leader to help drive innovation at a larger scale. By working with partners around the world, Ennovate will demonstrate how industry-leading Entain technology can revolutionize experiences for consumers and deliver real benefits to society,” she added. .

Ennovate’s It will be the first dedicated innovation lab in Charterhouse Square, Farringdon, in the heart of London’s tech entrepreneurship community, near the UK headquarters of TikTok and Snapchat. It will host members of Entain’s innovation technology team, who work alongside its commercial and non-profit partners.

Opening this springThe site is equipped with the latest technology to create a unique environment to build and experience new entertainment experiences. This will include Developing new entertainment products for the metaverse, a virtual reality space where people will be able to interact in a computer-generated environment.

The focus of this and future Ennovate Labs will be Experience areaAnd Empowering customers, investors, partners and employees to experience new immersive experiences in sports, games and interactive entertainment.

“Our goal is to bring the most exciting experiences into immersive sports, gaming and interactive entertainment as the metaverse takes shape,” he said. Sandeep Tiko, Chief Operating Officer, Entain He leads her work on disruptive innovation. “Working with partners we believe we can achieve great things faster, both for customers and to apply these technologies and skills to benefit society at large.”

Non-Profit Organizations It also collaborates with Ennovate, using technology for innovations that bring societal and environmental benefits. All external partners will collaborate with Entain’s own technical team and use the Ennovate Hub to visualize, develop, pilot and deliver their innovations.

Ennovate will initially display:

New products and consumer experiences to drive immersive entertainment

  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or the unique collectible digital assets that Entain develops for brands across the group. Party Poker is announcing plans to launch its first official non-fungible tokens (NFTs) soon, backed by Theta Labs. NFT certificates are unique and irreplaceable certificates of authenticity of digital files, which can include items such as artwork, music, videos, or tweets. PartyPoker NFTs will showcase some of the most iconic video moments and spinoffs in the history of partypoker and partypoker LIVE.
  • Immersive experiences in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) It will also be demonstrated and developed in the Ennovate Hub. This will include a groundbreaking VR multi-sport club experience, which the group will launch soon.
  • Virtual Reality Games – Entain will provide immersive customer experiences on the high streets, transforming two locations into new VR retail experience areas where consumers will soon be able to experience ground-breaking new experiences in immersive sports and interactive entertainment for themselves. Entain is working on VR innovations in retail and plans to open its first VR games later in the year.

technology partnerships

Entain builds relationships and partnerships with technology innovators and companies, located in the UK and around the world, through the Ennovate Hub. Initial technology partners include:

  • Verizon, the digital communications provider, is among the first major technology companies to work with Entain to build the Ennovate 5G Lab and explore the power of 5G to deliver immersive customer experiences across sports and entertainment. In addition, the two companies are collaborating to power more immersive and connected gaming experiences in international markets, including the United States
  • BT You will partner with the Ennovate Hub to explore new immersive products and experiences. As one of the UK’s largest investors in technology research and development, BT will work with Ennovate to bring the power of its cutting edge 5G connectivity, high-speed fixed networks and explore the use of edge computing to deliver on-demand and disruptive experiences to UK Entain customers, providing immersive experiences across sports games and interactive entertainment.
  • Theta Laboratories, which provides end-to-end decentralized video infrastructure and powers NFT and metaverse platforms, is working with Entain to launch a white-label NFT platform for partypoker customers. Tech professionals will work with Theta Labs further to use its technology across video streams, the metaverse, games, and more.

Accelerator and incubator programs

  • Will host Ennovate Hub Accelerator and incubator programsCombining disruptive innovative ideas, technology and the entrepreneurial spirit of startup companies with Entain’s unparalleled expertise serving millions of customers globally.
  • will metronome Initially invest up to £5 million in individual initiatives To develop and significantly charge innovative concepts to revolutionize interactive entertainment, as well as new technologies that deliver societal benefits in line with Entain’s sustainability agenda.
  • Ennovate is already inviting startups focused on immersive customer experiences, interactive entertainment, and the metaverse to become part of this accelerator programme, which will Officially launching in summer.
  • the Ennovate’s first laboratory will open in Farringdon, London, in the spring. It will host experiments on the site Engaging around 50 full time developers and software engineers working on disruptive technology globally.

Not-for-Profit Partnerships and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Entain wants cutting-edge technology and innovations in development at the Ennovate Hub Delivering environmental and societal benefits. Nonprofit partners will have access to Ennovate’s technical expertise and workspace, as well as additional support and funding through Ennovate. Initial partnerships include:

  • Childhood opportunity, an award-winning charity supporting vulnerable children across Africa, will work with technical experts at the Ennovate Hub on an innovative mobile app that digitizes and builds on Chance for Childhood’s groundbreaking approach. Uncovering hidden disabilities and developmental delays among pre-school children in Africa. Entain technology, using artificial intelligence, will drive personalized, play-based learning for children with disabilities and Special Education Needs (SEN), significantly helping to improve their lives and learning prospects.
  • Climate hackAlso through Ennovate, as the lead co-sponsor with Newcross Healthcare, Entain will fund and support Climate Hack.AI, an international competition featuring some of the brightest students at 25 of the world’s top universities such as University College London, Stanford, Harvard, MIT and Oxford The Cambridge – seeking to Using AI to help tackle climate change. The first competition is now underway and is focused on creating algorithms using satellite imagery of the Earth to predict the movement of weather fronts over the UK – an important step in the pipeline for forecasting solar energy production and thus reducing the amount of back-up energy needed to be produced by carbon-based generators.

via about , the global group’s D&I technology initiative, the group will also Explore new collaborative opportunitiesIn the Ennovate Hub to Improving the representation of women in the STEM industries. Includes existing partners girls of programming, a non-profit organization supported by Entain to bring more young women into the tech industry, and Technology Girls Movement Foundation , Challenging gender perceptions that limit girls’ participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Through its not-for-profit foundation, the group also works with The Berlin University of Technology and the Nexus InstituteTo develop international executive training to promote diversity in research and development and University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), to support graduate placements who will work alongside Entain’s US-based global innovation team in UNLV Harry Reid Research and Technology Park.

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