Codex: Discipline spec

Many of the world’s strongest and most disciplined warriors came together to form the Whitestar System, headquartered at Morningstar and led by stone golem Garus Rook. Their training grounds are home to enlightened monks, mighty barbarians, and graceful ninjas with their cute animal friends. Their strength comes from their teamwork and their fighting skills. The Whitestar Order organizes a series of combat tournaments called Fantasy Strike, which aims to bring together many different peoples of the world in the hope that they will learn to question Flagstone’s rule.

Grave Stormborne is one of the most dedicated and skilled martial artists on Earth. He is the embodiment of discipline, which are his characteristics. Grave is completely focused on maximizing his own skills, even to the point that some would say it is a selfish neglect of what he can do to help others. When you need a hero, we’d be glad to have Grave on your side:



Grave only needs to get to level 3 to become 3/4 with a readiness, which allows him to attack and still be able to patrol afterward – suitable for such a skilled fighter. As for his sword, he does not often use it. As a child, the Nox Oracle told him to use it only when necessary. At the maximum level, he will agree to use it once. It will split into any unit or hero – even a Tech III unit isn’t safe.

Heroes in particular are not safe against the white faction. The white starting deck contains this spell monster:



Snapback works the same way it does in Marvel vs. Marvel fighting games. Heroes lose all their levels and any other runes, attachments, or anything else when they return to the command area. Snapback is a very powerful late-game mantra, and you often tend to play it as a factor early on because it might not help you much at that time. This is my advice though. I’ve said this phrase a lot, “You know, you wouldn’t have lost the game there if you had kept the Snapback.”

Back in the early game, Whitestar Order is good at working together in combat. Each of these monks help from the white starting platform in your early battles:

I love the contrast in their personalities. Savior Monk is peaceful and heals you, when you can already tell that Aged Sensei is disappointed that you are not good enough.

This desktop upgrade card also helps in early game battles:



Having only one gold, you will probably deal a lot of damage if you can attack enough. The more you attack, the better this deal becomes. White’s teamwork here makes them a huge threat right from the start.

At the first level of technology, the Rambasa Twin works in an unusual way:



The cost of 4 gold is high for the first tech, but you actually get two from this guy. This is a huge presence on the battlefield! Another plus is that it occupies only one place in your collection. Later in the game when you have better cards, you won’t draw two earlier versions of it to get to your really cool cards; You will have one of it in your collection and the other in your folder.

Continuing the theme of white units (especially the discipline) doing well together in combat:



Be sure to practice with your Sparring Partner before entering the fray. If your opponent allows you to keep it, he will eventually give all your companions +1/+1 Rune. And if you’re willing to pay some gold, you can speed up this training process and compete with all of your units in one turn.

In Tech II, the power level is higher.



Focus Master’s ability is a bit more powerful than I think it’s first showing. He will save one of your units or heroes from death, and he will do this three times, but he will only do this if they are completely dead. This is similar to if 3/3 takes 3 damage (not 4 damage). You can set up exactly those positions though. In Codex you fight one by one until you can make sure your 2/2 goes up against 2/2 and so on. Once you realize this, the Focus Master basically says “Make 3 equal trades, then keep all your buddies instead of dying.”



right Now this powerful monk. He avoids your movements even before you make them. When it’s on the table, your units and heroes can’t be hit by any spells or abilities that use the target symbol. This can throw the wrench into a range of strategies your opponents might use, and will force them to try to kill the Mind-Parry Monk in another way, perhaps in combat, but it’s a scary 5/4 in combat.

Back at the starting podium for a moment, another monk helps protect you from unfair targeting:



The Morningstar Flagbearer is completely at home in the White Faction, because Rook’s Morningstar Sanctuary is a place where many people oppressed for being different have fled. In gameplay, Flagbearer and Mind-Parry Monk both allow you to say “Hands up guys!”

Do you like having great heroes? Discipline tech II can train your heroes to their fullest potential:



Yes, that only somewhat costs one gold. It’s nice to get +1 attack on all of your heroes (an effect you’ll be happy to pay for 1 on your own), but if your training ground can only survive one turn, you can exhaust it to instantly maximize any of your heroes. Remember that at the maximum level, Grave Rune can use his sword to kill almost anything. Training Grounds are ridiculously effective in leveling up your heroes and freeing up tons of gold to put in other things. The main drawback is that it is a building, which means that it cannot be attacked or patrolled and you have to protect it.

Now let’s look at some Grave spells. Grave is adaptable and versatile, so this incantation expresses the following:



It’s a toolbox all in one card. Conquer flying objects, unseen objects, upgrades, or just repair some damage from one of your buildings if none of that matters by the time you paint your versatile style.



If you want something more straightforward, Reverse lets you have a dragon hit a guard. That would probably kill her, but even if it didn’t, it would still take them out of the patrol area!

Now it’s time for some real power:



The true power of storms is one of the most powerful superheroes of my day. In that game, it costs to use 3 Ace cards. In this game, 3 cards cost 3 gold (stylish!). If you can arrange your card draws just right, True Power of Storms becomes an absurdly powerful terminator. You can win the game by throwing two of them, or you can direct it to any unit or hero to kill. It even hits Tech III, which not many things do.

Finally, Discipline tech III has some sentimental value:



Grave Stormborne’s father was a mighty warrior and a beast of battle. He was killed in battle when Greve was young. This statue salutes him. Even being close to him inspires other heroes with a +1 / + 1 bonus. Hero Monument summons the indestructible, untargetable, and unstoppable 8/8 ghost of Grave’s father. Grave could at least fight alongside his father’s soul in a glorious battle.

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