Bet365 Grand National 2022 Offer

Whatever you do this weekend, DO NOT MISS this bet365 Grand National 2022 offer! Place your bets on the Aintree Grand National 2022, and bet365 will give you half your stake back for every way bet you place, up to a maximum total refund of £125.00. Translated into matched betting terms, this gives you a profit of £70.00 and here’s how…

Key terms

  • The promotion is available to eligible bet365 customers who opened their account before 23:59:59 on Wednesday 6th April 2022.
  • You can see a full list of your available offers by logging in and selecting the ‘Offers’ section.
  • Applies to each way single bets placed between 00:00:01 on Thursday 7th April 2022 and 11:59:59 on Saturday 9th April 2022.
  • bet365 will refund half of your total stake, up to a maximum total refund of £125.00.
  • Cash refunds should be credited within two hours of bet placement.

How it works

Please see my each way arbing guide for more information about each way bets and how they work.

bet365 will refund half of your qualifying each way bets up to a maximum total of £125.00. So, to claim the maximum £125.00 refund, you need to place each way bets totaling £250.00.

bet365 are paying 6 places on the Grand National. If you lay your selection to place in the top 4this also becomes an extra place offer, which I’ll cover in more detail shortly.

Qualifying bets

Option 1

You can place one each way bet totalling £250.00 or several smaller bets totalling £250.00. It’ll depend on your bankroll and how comfortable you feel with each approach.

The benefit of placing 1 x £125.00 each way bet on one horse is that the profit for hitting the extra places is pretty huge (£500+)! However, the downside is needing a considerable amount (£1,000+) in your exchange account to cover your whopping liability.

Option 2

My advice is to place your qualifying bets as 5 x £25 each way bets. Only one horse can win the race, so you only need funds in your exchange account to cover the horse with the largest ‘Win’ liability, plus your ‘Place’ liabilities. You stand a greater chance of hitting the 5th or 6th (extra) place with five horses selected, albeit for a smaller profit.

It’s entirely up to you which horses you go for, but selecting some of the shorter priced horses makes sense to help keep your outlay to a minimum.

Burrows Saint is available at back odds of 21.00 (20/1) at the time of writing. It’s a little early to find suitable lay odds, so I’ll use example lay odds of 24.00 (Win) and 7.00 (Place) to illustrate how this offer should be done.

Betfair and Smarkets are both great options for this offer. If you’ve not used one of them, now is a great time to give them a try.

  • 2% commission for all new signups
  • 0% commission for 60 days

Use the ‘Extra Place‘ setting on my Each Way Calculator to calculate your lay stakes.

Placing your each way bet

Bet365 logo

Place £25.00 ‘Each Way’ on Burrows Saint @21.00 = Total stake of £50.00

You are placing a £25.00 each way bet on Burrows Saint. That means you are betting £25.00 on Burrows Saint to win at odds of 21.00. You are also betting £25.00 on Burrows Saint to place in the top 6 at odds of 5.00.

If you’re not overly familiar with each way betting, the place odds of our each way bet can be worked out as follows…

21.00 (decimal odds) – 1.00 (stake) = 20.00
20.00 ÷ 5 (place terms) = 4.00
4.00 + 1.00 (stake) = 5.00 (place odds)

Please see my ‘Betting Odds Explained’ page for more information about betting odds.

Laying the ‘win’ part of your each way bet

Now that we have broken our qualifying bet down into two separate bets, we can lay each part at the exchange.

As you can see from the calculator above, we need to lay £21.89 against Burrows Saint to ‘Win‘…

Betfair logo

Lay £21.89 against Burrows Saint to ‘Win’ @ 24.00 = Potential liability of £503.47

Laying the ‘place’ part of your each way bet

As you can see from the calculator above, we need to lay £17.91 against Burrows Saint to ‘Place‘ in the top 4…

Betfair logo

Lay £17.91 against Burrows Saint to ‘Place’ @ 7.00 = Potential liability of £107.46

The overall profit/loss figures are shown at the bottom of the Each Way Calculator above. We just need to add our £25.00 refund onto each total as follows…

Outcome bet365
Refund Profit/Loss
Burrows Saint wins + £500.00 + £100.00 – £503.47 – £107.46 + £25.00 £14.07 profit
Burrows Saint places
2nd, 3rd or 4th
– £25.00 + £100.00 + £21.45 – £107.46 + £25.00 £13.99 profit
Burrows Saint places
5th or 6th
– £25.00 + £100.00 + £21.45 + £17.55 + £25.00 £139.00 profit
Any other outcome – £25.00 – £25.00 + £21.45 + £17.55 + £25.00 £14.00 profit

So, as you can see, no matter the race’s outcome, you stand to make a minimum profit of around £14.00!

The ‘Place’ market at Betfair is for the first 4 places. As mentioned earlier, bet365 are paying 1/5 odds for the first 6 places. If Burrows Saint finishes exactly 5th or 6th, you’ll win both the ‘place’ part of your bet365 each way bet and your ‘place’ lay bet at Betfair, giving you a profit of £139.00!

You’d be profitn for thinking it’s an unlikely outcome, but we hit the extra place last year for a £233.74 overall!

I’ll update the following table as the race gets nearer with some genuine selections…

Selection Back
‘Win’ Lay
‘Place’ Lay
Extra Place

It’s entirely up to you which horses you go for. Try and aim for a profit of £14.00+ on each of your five selections. The higher the odds, the larger your profit will be if you land the extra place.

If you don’t yet have a bet365 account, make sure you sign up soon, so you don’t miss out on any big offers in the future. The bet365 sign up offer is one of the best around (£50.00 in bet credits), and their free bet offers on some of the big football matches are hugely profitable.

You don’t have to lay the ‘Place’ part of your bets in the standard ‘Place’ market, where 4 places are paid. Instead, you could lay them in the ‘5 places’ market, where the odds are better. Better odds mean larger fixed profits, but you would no longer stand to make extra profit by hitting the extra place.

Get this offer at Bet365

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